DIY Microphone Kits

The products on this page are all-inclusive DIY microphone kits. Just add solder and a few hours' time, and you'll be rewarded with an exceptional piece of audio gear.

We have kits to satisfy all three of the major microphone topologies: transformerless JFET, transformer JFET, and transformer/tube, with 3 different large-diaphragm capsules modeled after the famous European designs.

Transformerless JFET

We started with the (justifiably famous) Schoeps circuit, then applied 10 years' worth of experimentation and upgrades. Choose this circuit for high sensitivity, low noise, and a clean-and-pristine signal path. The S-series kits (formerly called the "RA-23" kits) are named for the capsule and voicing. See the S-47 (TLM49 voicing), S-12 (C12/C414 voicing), and S-87 (U87 voicing), below.

Also available is our new S-25 medium-diaphragm kit, at an unprecedented low price. The audio circuit is the same zero-compromise design that we use in our large-diaphragm S-87, S-47, and S-12 kits; the difference is that the S-25 uses a medium-diaphragm capsule, and is about 50% easier to build.

Transformer-coupled JFET

We've recreated Neumann's KM84 circuit, then optimized it for large-diaphragm capsules. The result is a spectacular vintage-circuit microphone with an extraordinarily simple signal path and a ton of texture. Choose this for vintage vibe.


Our tube mic is an adaptation of the Telefunken ElaM 251 circuit, although with higher headroom. We use a low-noise tube and a custom-wound transformer. The finished mic competes with commercial boutique offerings in the $1500-$2000 range.

Note: the 12-251 kit is sold and shipped only from our US warehouse!

Why These Kits are Superior

You might have seen other DIY microphone kits that are comprised of indifferent, low-grade parts and a photocopied schematic that supposedly serves as the installation guide. The products on this page are in a different league -- as are the finished microphones. We use parts equivalent to what you'd find in commercial microphones costing over $1500.

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